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Bus Parking and Reimbursement


Directions to the Museum, bus loading, unloading, and parking
For groups traveling to the Museum by bus, the drop off/pick up location is on South University from the westbound lane just before State Street. Groups may enter the Museum through either of the entrances on State Street.  This map of the immediate area may help you get oriented. Bus parking is available at Briarwood Mall which can be found by driving south on State Street.

Reimbursement Information
We recognize that the need for bus funds is great and in an effort to make our reimbursement dollars go farther we are offering a reimbursement up to the maximum charged by your school district, but not to exceed $100 per bus, per visit for docent led tours. In order to allow as many schools as possible to take advantage of this, we will offer a total reimbursement of $300 per school, per year. Be sure to request bus reimbursement funds when scheduling a docent tour with the Museum of Art. Bus reimbursement is not available for self-guided groups.
Please follow these easy steps to receive payment.

  1. Be sure to request bus reimbursement funds when scheduling a docent tour with the Museum of Art.
  2. Follow your district’s procedure to schedule a bus as soon as you have made arrangements for a docent tour.
  3. When the tour is completed, submit an invoice from your transportation department along with a letter on your school letterhead to the Museum requesting reimbursement for the trip.
  4. You must include: the school's name and complete address, the teacher's name, the grade level, the date of the planned trip and the school tax ID number.
  5. Your request must be received within three months of the tour date to receive payment.
  6. Send invoice to:
       Education Department
       The University of Michigan Museum of Art
       525 South State Street
       Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1354
  7. The University will send your school a check in 6 to 8 weeks of receipt of your invoice.

We look forward to seeing you and your class at the Museum of Art.