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Prompts by Type

Portrait of an Artist

Draw, paint, or sculpt a portrait of your favorite artist. Make a label containing biographical facts about the artist to display with your artwork. Submit a photo of your finished artwork on display along with a close-up photo of the label.

Create a Constellation

Draw a constellation from someone's freckles. Connect a series of freckles, moles and/or birthmarks on someone's body using a ballpoint pen. The shape that is formed can be abstract or representational. Draw this on someone else, not yourself. Take a close up picture of the freckle constellation you have drawn. Make sure the picture is in focus. Use the name of the person that you did the drawing on as the title for your piece, for example "Mandy's Arm Constellation."

Personify a Building

Personify a building on campus and draw it. Submit a photo of the building and an image of your drawing.

Make a Mark di Suvero

Recreate the Orion sculpture by Mark di Suvero that’s in front of UMMA. Whether by drawing, using straws, Popsicle sticks, etc. – Make it your own and submit a photo!

A Real Tear-Jerker

Draw a scene from a movie that made you cry. Rent a movie that made you cry. Fast-forward to the exact point that really got you and pause the movie. Now draw this freeze-frame as accurately as possible. Also draw the TV and the table or surface that the TV is sitting on. Don't draw any other details of the room; this picture should be floating in the middle of an otherwise blank piece of paper. Draw everything as realistically as you can; don't be interpretive. Please do not use a computer to make your drawing. Scan or take a picture of your drawing. Please make sure that your image is clear and in focus. Give your drawing a title, such as "When Tom Hanks sees the dolphins in "Castaway." However, don't write your title on the drawing. Please include your title separately.

Do You Doodle?

Art doesn't have to be in a museum. It's right there in your notebook; your best artwork made during your most boring lectures. Submit your best doodles, new or old.

Draw the News

Draw the news. Click on an online daily news page such as Google or The New York Times. Pick a person from todays news. Type the person's name into Google Image Search. Using a colored pencil (just one color) copy your favorite image from Google Image Search. Underneath your portrait, draw a banner with your person's name in it and the day's date that they appeared in the news (include the headline too if you want). Submit an image of your drawing.

Draw a Diagram

Find an interesting figure or diagram in one of your textbooks and redraw it in your own style. Don't be afraid to take some creative liberties! Submit a photo of the original diagram and an image of your interpretation.

Kid Art

Recreate a work of art that your mom kept from when you were little. Try to replicate it as closely as possible from memory. Submit a photo of the outcome along with a description of the original artwork, including your age when it was made.

Tattoo You

Do you have a tattoo of a famous artwork or artist? Submit a photo of it! Don’t have one? Draw one on yourself (or ask a friend to help) and submit a photo of it.

Recreate a Self-Portrait

Recreate a self-portrait by a famous artist using yourself as the subject. You could stage a photograph, create a collage, drawing, or painting, or use any other media you like. Submit an image of your artwork. Bonus points for a gold museum-style frame!