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Prompts by Type

Portrait of an Artist

Draw, paint, or sculpt a portrait of your favorite artist. Make a label containing biographical facts about the artist to display with your artwork. Submit a photo of your finished artwork on display along with a close-up photo of the label.

Play with Your Food

Recreate a work of art using food as your medium. Submit a photo of your final masterpiece.

Bring Clothing to Life

Bring a piece of clothing to life. Try and animate a piece of clothing: a dress eating dinner, a sweater dancing, anything! Take a picture or make a short video of your illusion to submit. UMS presents "The Suit" at the Power Center, Wednesday, February 19th through Saturday, February 22nd!

Make a Mark di Suvero

Recreate the Orion sculpture by Mark di Suvero that’s in front of UMMA. Whether by drawing, using straws, Popsicle sticks, etc. – Make it your own and submit a photo!

Earth Art

Have you ever heard of Earth Art? Recreate a work of art or create your own using materials from nature. Submit a photo of your artwork and describe the process of making it.

It’s Snowing!

Make a sculpture out of snow. Take a photo and submit it.

Mini Sculpture

Make a mini sculpture out of materials on your desk, and give it a title. Submit a photo of your sculpture and the title. 

Kid Art

Recreate a work of art that your mom kept from when you were little. Try to replicate it as closely as possible from memory. Submit a photo of the outcome along with a description of the original artwork, including your age when it was made.

Ready-Made Art

Create a work of ready-made art – an everyday object selected and shown as a work of art. Submit a photo of your artwork on display along with the title of your artwork. Tell us where it was on display.

Recreate a Self-Portrait

Recreate a self-portrait by a famous artist using yourself as the subject. You could stage a photograph, create a collage, drawing, or painting, or use any other media you like. Submit an image of your artwork. Bonus points for a gold museum-style frame!