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Love Art More

Prompts by Type

Be a Fashion Designer

Design a piece of clothing inspired by your favorite work of art. Submit an image of your design, and if you can make the real deal, submit a photo of someone modeling the piece. 

UMMA Doppelgänger

Check out UMMA's fashion. The paintings and sculptures at UMMA have some great clothes! Find one that stands out to you and see if you can mimic it. Get a photo of your ensemble and your UMMA doppelganger and submit them. UMS presents "The Suit" at the Power Center, Wednesday, February 19th through Saturday, February 22nd!

Bring Clothing to Life

Bring a piece of clothing to life. Try and animate a piece of clothing: a dress eating dinner, a sweater dancing, anything! Take a picture or make a short video of your illusion to submit. UMS presents "The Suit" at the Power Center, Wednesday, February 19th through Saturday, February 22nd!

Acting Like Art

Recreate a work of art using other people or yourself as models. Take a picture of your updated artwork and Submit it.