For Students
Love Art More

Prompts by Type

Bring Clothing to Life

Bring a piece of clothing to life. Try and animate a piece of clothing: a dress eating dinner, a sweater dancing, anything! Take a picture or make a short video of your illusion to submit. UMS presents "The Suit" at the Power Center, Wednesday, February 19th through Saturday, February 22nd!

Write a Theme Song

Write and record a theme song for LOVE ART MORE. Submit your recording in either audio or video.

Street Art Documentary

Make a short video about a piece of graffiti art. Submit your video.

Become a Statue

Pose like a statue in a public space and see how others interact with you. Try dressing up in costume! Have a friend take photos or video. Submit your documentation along with some notes about the experience.

Find a Friend

Find a friend who has never been to UMMA and take them to the Museum. Interview them about their visit. Ask things like: What did you enjoy most about your visit? What was your favorite work of art? What was your least favorite work of art? Will you go back?  – and anything else you can think of. Your interview can be written, or conducted via audio or video. Submit your interview along with a photo of your friend at the museum. 

How to Make Art

Make a short instructional video about how to make art. Serious or wild. Submit your video.