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Love Art More

Prompts by Type

Let's Talk About Art

Join us at Student Late Night at UMMA from 8-11pm on Thursday, April 10.  Interarts Performance students, Marisa Diamond and Nikki Horowitz invite you to talk about art.  

"We are interested in exploring why art museums are often very quiet places, and why people tend to keep their opinions and criticisms in their heads.  We will ask you questions like “Why do you love art?”, “What does art mean to you?”, “Why is art important?”, “What would make you love art more?” then photograph you with your written response. We want your help to un-silence art museums!"

Statue of a Stranger

Find a stranger in the library and ask them to pose like a statue. Take a picture and submit it. 

Be the Curator

Curate an art exhibition in a public place. Select a series of artworks you really like and make black & white Xerox copies of the images from the internet, books and magazines. Find a public place, a bulletin board, a fence, or a wall, and post your exhibition. Write a curatorial statement describing the artworks, the theme of your exhibition (if there is one), and your feelings about the work, and post your statement along with the exhibition. (Don't make "art" from other artist's work--no collages. Just display the images as if you were a curator at a museum.) Take a picture or make a video of your exhibition, and a close up of your curatorial statement so that it is readable. Submit the photos/video.

Become a Statue

Pose like a statue in a public space and see how others interact with you. Try dressing up in costume! Have a friend take photos or video. Submit your documentation along with some notes about the experience.

Selfie with a Stranger

Take a selfie with a stranger on the bus. Submit the photo.

Postcard to the Future

Purchase or make a postcard then write a message on it to a future University of Michigan student. Visit a campus library and explore the stacks. Select a random book and stick the postcard between the pages. Take a picture of the postcard in the book then return the book to the shelf. Submit your photos! 

Photograph a Stranger

Take a photograph of a stranger sitting on Shang – the large swinging sculpture by Mark di Suvero in front of UMMA. Be nice and ask them if it’s ok first. Submit the photo.

Make an Educational Plaque

Make an art-related educational public plaque. Come up with some simple but useful information that can be made into a plaque or sign, and then install it in some public place for people to learn from and use. Submit a photo of your installed plaque, and a title that describes what information is being conveyed and the location where it is installed. For instance: A map showing how to get to the art museum, a color wheel, or a graphic display of different types of paint brushes.

Make a Banner

Make a banner using your own words encouraging others to love art, encouraging others to visit UMMA, or using a quote from a famous artist. Place each letter on an individual piece of paper or fabric, and then string them all together. Hang the banner in a public place. Take a picture of your hung banner and submit it.