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Recreate a work of art that your mom kept from when you were little. Try to replicate it as closely as possible from memory. Submit a photo of the outcome along with a description of the original artwork, including your age when it was made.

Undecided 2017

Nuclear Engineering 2016

Mechanical Engineering 2016

Art and Design/Psychology 2016

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2016

Nursing 2016

Engineering 2014

Earth and Environmental Sciences 2017

Neuroscience 2016

spanish 2016

PITE 2014

This is what I remember from a drawing I did when I was probably about 5 years old. It was an illustration in a book I wrote about a dog named Spot (inspired by the TV show) and I remember that on this particular page I had drawn Spot sleeping and wrote something along the lines of "Spot took his afternoon nap. When Spot woke up he was sad because it was raining and he couldn't go to the beach."

That may not be completely correct, but I know it went something like that.

History of Art 2014