For Students
Love Art More

Art is exciting

I like the humanities 

I like writing too

Engineering 2017

Everything is art.

even this poem is art

however; it sucks.

Information 2015

Art is like my heart

It is beautiful, like me

Tell me you love me.

LSA 2014

Inspiring Art 

Love Art More at the UMMA 

Art is for the soul

LSA 2016

UMMA is a blast 

You get to see art for free 

And learn all the while 

Engineering 2016

I don't understand 

It is different to all

How I do love it 

Nursing 2016

So, five syllables 

It is not that hard isn't it

Ha! My first Haiku

LSA 2015

Art is really weird 

I don't understand it now 

Someone help me, please. 

LSA 2016


of Michigan students are 

very creative 

LSA 2017

When love must escape 

We find an open doorway 

or we make our own 

PITE 2016

Hanging on the wall

Masterpieces everywhere 

Love the atmosphere

LSA 2016

I am really sad. 

Because my friend just told me 

That my art was wrong

Engineering 2016

Haikus about art

cannot be forced into words 

but with heart and soul 

RC 2016

art can be happy 

whenever I feel so sad 

I think about art

LSA 2015

Beauty is in Art

Art is a heart in motion

motion moves through Art 

LSA 2014

Flocks of snow white geese 

Would look nice in a painting 

Do you not agree? 

LSA 2017

In the museum;

Looking at these paintings is 

Better than homework.

Engineering 2017

Where is my dang Art

I think someone has took it 

damn you French conquests 

Engineering 2016

Walking through the halls 

We see the paintings on show

This is beyond words

Public Health 2017

Art was never meant 

To be confined to only 

Museums abd frames.


RC 2016

So many pencils 

So many sploches of paint

Art is pretty cool 

LSA 2017

Art perplexes me 

Colors, shape, materials 

Make art more crazy.

Nursing 2017

I can't always paint.

But I still enjoy trying.

Being creative.

LSA 2017