Portfolio Guides

Welcome to UMMA’s Portfolio Guides to the Collection. This ongoing project allows users to explore UMMA’s collection through a menu of portfolios that group objects by area and theme.

Choose your area of interest from the menu on the left and navigate down through the subcategories until you reach the object portfolio, at which time your browser will take you into the DLPS system where you can see images and object information.

If you have a umich account, be sure to login to the DLPS system when you arrive there, so that you can see the highest quality images.

This project is ongoing and can benefit from your expertise. The DLPS system allows users to make their own portfolios for the public to view. If you would like to submit a portfolio that you have created to be added to this guide, make sure you’ve made it public in the DLPS system and email the title of the portfolio to Mellon Academic Coordinator, David Choberka (