Everything I Touch Turns to $old

Everything I Touch Turns to $old, 2006
Courtesy the artist

Lisa Anne Auerbach in conversation with Kellen Braddock, UMMA Student Program and Advisory Board member

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UMMA Projects: Lisa Anne Auerbach

July 11 through October 11, 2009

Often combining wry humor with a biting critique of the complacency and routine of modern life, Lisa Anne Auerbach’s subversive brand of post-punk, DIY aesthetics mixes art and politics in a manner both highly personal and thoroughly embedded in contemporary culture. Recent projects have addressed topics ranging from the current Iraq war to the politics of bicycling in a city of freeways. In her slogan-adorned sweater sets, each outfit becomes a wearable canvas, literally weaving together the personal and the political, the aesthetic and the everyday. Auerbach’s installation at UMMA will transform the Museum’s most highly visible space—the Irving Stenn Jr. Family Project Gallery—into a showcase for her politically charged, socially engaged knitwear. Appropriating strategies of presentation and display from the high-end clothing market, this unconventional installation will encourage viewers to ask questions about how we experience different types of cultural spaces, how we perceive the relationship between one type of luxury good (fashion) and another (art), and how both political and aesthetic discourses are framed in contemporary society.

This project is made possible in part by the W. Hawkins Ferry Fund and UMMA’s New Visions Venture Fund.