For Students
Mark di Suvero, Shang Mark di Suvero, Orion Beverly Pepper, Ternary Marker Lucas Samaras, Stiff Box No. 12 Erwin Binder, Requiem Michele Oka Doner, Angry Neptune, Salacia, and Strider Charles Ginnever, Daedalus

Outdoor Sculpture

1. Mark di Suvero
Born in Shanghai, China, to parents of Italian heritage, Mark di Suvero moved to the United States in 1941 and began creating large-scale sculptures in the early 1960s. >>

2. Mark di Suvero
Mark di Suvero, who once described his work as “painting in three dimensions,” draws inspiration from many sources, including mathematics, physics, music, and astronomy, to create large-scale sculptures with a sense of geometry and structure. >>

3. Beverly Pepper
Ternary Marker
In the late 1950’s Beverly Pepper, who had trained as a painter, began to experiment with sculpture. >>

4. Lucas Samaras
Stiff Box No. 12
Lucas Samaras’s diverse oeuvre includes painting, sculpture, photography, and performance. >>

5. Erwin Binder
A veteran of the United States Air Force, Erwin Binder learned to cast metal and work with stone as an employee at his family's jewelry business. >>

6. Michele Oka Doner
Angry Neptune, Salacia, and Strider
In her recent sculptural work, the artist (and University of Michigan alumna) Michele Oka Doner has returned to making monumental, figural sculptures >>

7. Charles Ginnever
Daedalus is one of a series of works Ginnever created during the mid-1970s with titles drawn from classical mythology. >>