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Mark di Suvero, Shang Mark di Suvero, Orion Beverly Pepper, Ternary Marker Lucas Samaras, Stiff Box No. 12 Erwin Binder, Requiem Michele Oka Doner, Angry Neptune, Salacia, and Strider Charles Ginnever, Daedalus

Outdoor Sculpture: Mark di Suvero

Mark di Suvero
United States, born 1933
Painted steel
Loan courtesy of the artist and the Hill Gallery, Birmingham, Michigan

2. Mark di Suvero

Mark di Suvero, who once described his work as “painting in three dimensions,” draws inspiration from many sources, including mathematics, physics, music, and astronomy, to create large-scale sculptures with a sense of geometry and structure. Like many of his works, Orion—titled after the famed hunter from Greek mythology after whom the constellation is named—is painted bright orange-red, creating a striking contrast with the sky and the work’s surroundings. Since it is meant to be viewed from a variety of angles and positions, the artist paid careful attention to the balance of forms and space.