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Stars by Sol LeWitt

Works on Paper Gallery
June 3 - August 20

For conceptual artist Sol LeWitt (born 1928), printmaking has always been an important aspect of his work. His 1993 Stars is a series of eight aquatint prints, beginning with a three-point star and ending with a ten-point star. It illustrates the artist's ongoing concern with seriality, a concept that allows him to explore the rich possibilities of a single motif in all its variations. Wedded to the expanding complexity of the star patterns and their positioning on the sheet is LeWitt's use of intense, saturated color. As he has done in his earlier lithographs, he used separate plates for the limited number of colors in his prints: black, grey, and the primary colors - red, yellow, and blue. However, instead of the crystalline purity of each color reading as a separate hue, found in his earlier work, Stars is the result of overprinting the plates, a process which yields complex collaborations with a muted, lustrous, and mysterious quality.