For Students

Past Exhibitions: 2009

What I See When I Look at You
A video installation by Chris Doyle

Dusk through early morning, March 22 through April 12

Video Installation

Chris Doyle’s video projection, What I See When I Look at You, examines the changing nature of portraiture contrasting images of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century portraits from the Museum’s collection with faces of everyday people videotaped on the University’s campus in May 2000. Struck by the contrast between the solemn demeanor of the historical subjects in portraits within the Museum’s collection and the vibrancy of those from the contemporary community, Doyle combined the two to create a constantly mutating image, uniting past and present. Digitally manipulating and merging the images in unexpected ways, Doyle plays with the conventions of representation, commemoration and identity.

Originally commissioned and shown at UMMA in 2000, What I See When I Look at You will be viewable on the northern exterior of the Maxine and Stuart Frankel and the Frankel Family Wing nights beginning Sunday, March 22nd through Sunday, April 12th.