Community Group Tours

In a group experience, we aim to reflect, discuss, and learn together about culture and our world. We incorporate various activities and approaches to foster connection and engage multiple learning styles.

If you are interested in a self-guided experience, you are welcome to follow UMMA’s safety protocol and enjoy the galleries during our open hours. To discuss potential themes or curricular connections in advance, please contact Grace VanderVliet ( , Curator for Museum Teaching and Learning.


Community Group Tour Request Form

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Thank you for your interest in visiting UMMA. Please complete the following fields. UMMA staff will review your request and will contact you to finalize a date and time. We will then assess volunteer availability and confirm with you prior to your visit. 

Please contact Grace Vandervliet ( with further questions. 




Groups affiliated with the University of Michigan, such as faculty, students, staff, or organizations can Request a University Engagement.



Groups affiliated with K - 12 schools or organizations can request a School Group Tour.


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