GO VOTE: Introducing Ten Tuesdays and the Creative Campus Voting Project

We are excited to announce that today begins the first of ten Tuesdays leading up to the 2020 November general election. Each Tuesday until Election Day on November 3, we will be posting topics on democracy, voting, and justice in order to spark community conversations that will take center stage in the upcoming election. 

GO VOTE: Introducing Ten Tuesdays and the Creative Campus Voting Project

Written by the UMMA Student Blog Team

Ten Tuesdays is part of the Creative Campus Voting Project, a nonpartisan effort to energize and increase voting among college students. Each Tuesday has its own theme; for example, next week’s theme is registration, so make sure you update your addresses and register to vote! Other related programming will be discussed on the blog.

In addition to our weekly blog posts, UMMA and its partners at the Stamps School of Art and Design, the Ann Arbor City Clerk’s Office, The Ginsberg Center, Student Housing, U-M Libraries and more will be hosting a series of activities (both in-person and virtual) where you can be creative, stand up for what you believe in, and have your voice heard all at the same time. Some of the upcoming dates we’re excited for include:

  • September 12: Make your own screen-printed posters or bags with supplies provided by UMMA in our free Creative Campaign virtual art class!
  • September 22: Pick up your absentee ballot and more at the City Clerk’s Satellite Office in UMMA’s Stenn Gallery!
  • October 17: Host a SparkVotes Party-in-a-Box with your friends on Zoom!
  • November 3: Help us win the Big 10 Voting Challenge! You can also find tons of helpful information here  to make sure ahead of time that you’re able to vote on election day.

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