Relive Summer FUN at UMMA With New Immersive 3D Installation

Relive Summer FUN at UMMA With New Immersive 3D Installation

Photo by Liz Barney

While UMMA’s summer 2022 exhibition FUN may have ended when the leaves started to change and the weather turned cooler, the fun will never truly die—you can relive it anytime you’d like thanks to a new immersive 3D installation of the exhibition now available online. 

Mark Tucker,  creator of FUN, paired up with Culturverse, an Ann Arbor-based company, to use 3D modeling technology in order to expand the access and experience of the temporary exhibition. Tucker had previously worked with the company to map his art studio, so the two are no strangers to capturing Tucker’s whimsical other-worldly environments online. 

In addition to keeping the space alive for potential visitors to discover, Tucker wanted to capture the sculptures’ scale, color, and texture. Through unique technology and skill sets held by their team, CultureVerse was able to create an immersive self-directed 3D model that does exactly that. 

“To me, this is the beauty of a 3D model. It offers choice and agency to the visitor,” Grace VanderVilet, UMMA’s Curator for Museum Teaching and Learning, said. “It allows them to understand the space in a tactile, inquisitive way.” 

You can learn more about the digital exhibition on CultureVerse’s website here, and explore the 3D model below.

Learn more about the FUN exhibition in this video: Create, Experiment, Get Messy, and have FUN


What can 'a pile' of stuff truly become?

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What can 'a pile' of stuff truly become?