Solve Clues, Find Codes, Earn Badges! UMMA Joins Ann Arbor District Library for Annual Summer Game

Libraries may still be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that hasn’t stopped the Ann Arbor District Library from putting on their annual Summer Game! 

And once again, UMMA has teamed up with AADL for the Summer Game to offer players hidden codes and unlockable badges. Two UMMA-specific badges will be made available in the next few weeks — one code will be hidden in a physical location around the exterior of the Museum, and other codes will be discoverable by searching for specific clues in the UMMA Exchange, our online collections database. 

The first badge, which you can earn by finding the hidden code located somewhere around the Museum building, will go live on Friday, June 26. This badge is 100% wheelchair and stroller accessible.

The second badge, which will feature a series of clues to codes hidden around the UMMA Exchange, will be released on July 3. Visit the AADL website to sign up for the Summer Game and learn about all of the fun badges you can earn all across the web and Ann Arbor.