Strike a Pose — UMMA Sculptures Paired with Yoga Poses In New At Home Workout

While stay at home orders are in effect for many U.S. states (through April 30 in Michigan at the time of this posting), one of the few reasons people are allowed to leave their homes during the global pandemic are outdoor activities and exercise. 

Introducing “UMMA Sculpture and Yoga” — a unique way to explore the University of Michigan Museum of Art’s outdoor public art collection while moving your body and centering your mind … without leaving the house! 

UMMA Curator for Museum Teaching and Learning, Grace VanderVliet, takes viewers on a tour of four public sculptures on view around the Museum. You’ll learn about the sculptures’ history and the artists involved, and hear a bit about each piece’s intention and meaning. 

Then, Lisa Borgsdorf, Manager of Public Programs at UMMA and (almost) certified yoga instructor, will walk you through a yoga pose inspired by each piece. From Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle) to Viparita Virabhadrasana (Reverse Warrior), you’ll learn how to stretch and move your body in harmony with the sculptures to become one with the art. 

So, pull up YouTube on your computer or smart TV, put on some comfy clothes, and follow along on this new journey through UMMA’s public art collection. 

UMMA Sculpture & Yoga On YouTube

Click to open UMMA's Sculpture and Yoga video on YouTube