Thanks to Crazy-Talented U-M Students You Can Now LISTEN to the Art at UMMA

Thanks to Crazy-Talented U-M Students You Can Now LISTEN to the Art at UMMA

Photos by Peter Matthews

Whether it’s a vibrant Kehinde Wiley painting, a gloopy red sculpture, or a work of art made out of old encyclopedias, there’s a new way to experience the art on display as part of UMMA’s You Are Here exhibition—you can listen to it. 

Or, at least listen to musical interpretations of it. 

Working with Chamber Music Department Chair Matt Albert and assistant professor of composition Roshanne Etezady, nearly 40 students in the U-M School of Music, Theatre, & Dance recorded musical pieces (in many cases, their own compositions) inspired by the artworks currently on view in UMMA’s iconic atrium. 

The exhibition, You Are Here, is a celebration of textural delights, curated by UMMA’s Jennifer Friess to celebrate visitors returning to UMMA following an 18-month COVID-related closure.  The show features a selection of paintings, sculptures, and other pieces that are best seen in person, rather than on a computer screen. The new musical accompaniments follow that same ethos and add a new sensory element to the gallery for visitors.  

Visitors can access the compositions and musical numbers using their smartphones in the gallery. QR codes next to the work of art, on what UMMA is calling a “musical label,” will load the song directly on your mobile device.

“Hearing the connections that students draw between their own art-making and the art they observe is profoundly inspiring,” Professor Albert said. “We can hear how they take in this collection, and their incredible performances may help us relate to the pieces in a new and exciting way.”

This project is part of an ongoing partnership between UMMA and the U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance. Audio recording and production by Slypup Productions. QR Codes in gallery provided by Scanova QR Code Generator.

If you’re unable to experience the You Are Here musical labels in person, you can still enjoy the songs by visiting this online gallery.


You Are Here Musical Labels

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Photo by Mark Gjukich