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Thu Feb 11, 2021

The latest UMMA quiz will find you a Spotify playlist based on your favorite art in UMMA's collection.

Mon Aug 24, 2020
Starting college is the best time in your life for experimentation — you're choosing new student organizations, finding new friend groups, developing new routines, and even trying out new personalities — you're building a new you, and we want to help.

Mon Aug 3, 2020

Take our quick 10 question quiz and challenge yourself to see if you can figure out what these artists were aiming for.

Mon May 18, 2020

Take this quiz to find out which interior design style is right for you, and get inspired to spruce up your living space.

Fri Apr 24, 2020

We all miss UMMA; so why not take our quiz to find out which much-loved location in the Museum fits best with your personality?

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