UMMA Student Bloggers - About the Authors


Photo of Emily Considine
Emily Considine
Emily is a senior BFA student in Art & Design at the University of Michigan, hoping to become an illustrator. In addition to her involvement with UMMA, she’s done various illustrations, comics, and design work for Arts at Michigan, Forbidden Stew, and ArtsEngine. You can find her most nights during the school year at The Michigan Daily, where she manages the Opinion page.

Photo of Sarah Jacob
Sarah Jacob
Sarah graduated from University of Michigan this past winter with a Bachelors of Science in international studies, biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience, and a minor in Islamic studies. While she navigates the world post undergrad, she is working closely with UMMA staff on student engagement, continuing research on peacebuilding and violence, and reimagining her own artistic voice.

Photo of Aiden Mirza
Aiden Mirza
Aiden made the long, tumultuous journey from the University of Michigan’s cloistered program in abstract mathematics to the arts through a series of happy accidents. Currently pursuing BA degrees in Art & Design and Art History, they concentrate in digital media and Asian Art, respectively. With their humble hypothetical twitter feed, they hope to bring a different perspective into discussions of sound synthesisers.

Photo of Jacob Ward
Jacob Ward
Jacob is a junior in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance pursuing a BMA in Performance with a Minor in Performing Arts Management and Entrepreneurship. Recently, he was appointed Digital Fashion Editor of SHEI Magazine, the official arts, fashion and culture publication at the University of Michigan. Merging his interests in music, fashion, and current events has led him to work at the UMMA to amplify the student voice. 

Photo of Sophia Layton
Sophia Layton
Sophia explores arts and culture writing as an instrument for imbedding herself deeper into both local and global communities of contemporary art and fashion. She is a senior in University of Michigan’s History of Art department and is minoring in Museum Studies and Asian Languages and Culture.

Photo of Kaeli Brennan
Kaeli Brennan
Kaeli is a junior studying Economics and Art History at the University of Michigan College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. She is particularly interested in the intersection of art and business. Her passion for the arts has led her to get involved at UMMA, where she aims to strengthen the connection between the museum and the student body and create a more open dialogue.