A Year of Feeling Good: A Look Back at Feel Good Friday, and What’s Next

A Year of Feeling Good: A Look Back at Feel Good Friday, and What’s Next

In February 2022, UMMA launched a new event series focused on the belief that in-person experiences with art and community have a great restorative power. So, to help the Ann Arbor community come together around art, music, and culture, Feel Good Friday was born.

“We designed Feel Good Friday to foster the joy of gathering together in the spirit of collaboration and community participation,” said Lisa Borgsdorf, UMMA’s Manager of Public Programs. Her team conceived of the event series as a way to welcome visitors back into in–person programming, after about 2 years of events that were primarily virtual due to the pandemic. 

“Feel Good Friday is an active expression of ‘welcome,’’ she added–a way for local artists and other community partners to “shape the vibe and flavor” of the Museum.

There were seven Feel Good Fridays in 2022–and more are coming in the new year! Join us on February 10th, 2023 when Feel Good Friday returns with an LGBTQ-themed celebration.

2022’s Feel Good Fridays by the numbers:

1 = number of world premiere film screenings
1 = number of community parades across campus
1 = number of red carpets we rolled out
1 = number of visitors who attended Feel Good Friday to celebrate their 100th birthday
7 = number of Feel Good Friday events 
14 = number of organizations we partnered with
18 = number of local artists we partnered with
56 = number of musical guests who performed
300 = number of pieces of frybread we gave away
365 = number of emails with the subject line “Feel Good Friday” currently in Lisa's inbox
2,020 = number of Feel Good Friday photos on our Flickr
3,500 = number of visitors at Feel Good Friday events in 2022!

Let’s take a look back at some of the best Feel Good Friday moments of the past year:


Thanks again to the many partners who have worked with UMMA to make Feel Good Friday possible!

Feel Good Friday

It's finally Friday and you deserve to feel good!

Next Event: February 10, 2023 • 7-10 pm

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