Your Face Is a Canvas - Introducing the UMMA Makeup Challenge

The #UMMAmakeupChallenge is here!

UMMA and our Student Engagement Council is inviting you to create a makeup look inspired by pieces from the Museum’s collection. So find your perfect foundation, select an artwork below (or any from our collection) that speaks to your soul, and get to blending. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be the next big beauty influencer with a ring light and perfect contouring skills to participate - all attempts from any skill level, gender, or age are welcome!

To submit your work, select an inspiration piece from the works below (or any available in the Museum online collections database), put on your best smokey eye inspired by the piece, and post the look to Instagram — tag @UMMAMuseum and use the hashtag #UMMAMakeupChallenge to make sure we see it. You can also DM us your makeup look directly if you’d prefer. 

STEP 1 - Choose an inspo

STEP 2 - Submit your look

Choose one or more of the following submission methods:

  1. Post your look to your main feed with the hashtag #UMMAmakeupchallenge and tag @ummamuseum

  2. Post your look to your story with the hashtag #UMMAmakeupchallenge and tag @ummamuseum

  3. DM us your makeup look 

*By using the #UMMAMakeupChallenge hashtag, or submitting your look, you give UMMA permission to repost your photo on our instagram feed and/or the UMMA website.

STEP 3 - Remind yourself how beautiful you are

No matter how the look turns out (but let’s be honest, it’s going to be great), use your time in front of the mirror to admire just how beautiful you truly are, with or without makeup. 


Jenny Ruan - Bowery Morning

“I chose Al Loving’s Bowery Morning as inspiration for a makeup look because at first I was attracted to the colors and believed the image would translate to a makeup look really nicely, but as I was deciding which of the many UMMA artworks to pick, I read up a bit more about Al Loving and about the UMMA abstraction exhibition and became attached to this piece of work.

I had a lack of understanding about the many meanings that abstract work can have before this little project and I wanted to then show my newfound appreciation of abstraction with my makeup and, since Al Loving was a graduate from the University of Michigan, I also liked the idea of showing a little U of M loyalty too."

Courtesy of Jenny Ruan