Perspectives on Health and Health Care

Perspectives on Health and Health Care

College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

Faculty member: Adam Eickmeyer (Health Sciences Scholars Program)

Richard Wilt, Chart for Vietnam, No. 2, 1968, acrylic on canvas. University of Michigan Museum of Art, Gift of Ron and Judy Milestone, 2005/2.2. Courtesy of the Wilt Family © The Richard Wilt Estate

This course challenges future medical practitioners, researchers, administrators, and policymakers to probe issues of health and health care, ranging from insurance reform to addressing access and equity. Professor Eickmeyer finds that art helps students understand the complexity of these issues through the lens of human experience. Students will find many ambiguities in this selection of art and will explore them as a way to consider ethical dilemmas in medicine, question the nature of health-related norms, and envision alternative forms of health care and public health practice that will lead to a more equitable and inclusive health care system.


Engaging with art can help students understand the sometimes devastating effects of the healthcare system on individual people’s lives.

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Art Illustrates The Very Real Impacts of Health Care Policy For First-Year Students

Professor Eickmeyer, who has training in public health with a strong liberal arts bent, has been working to incorporate more of the humanities into his class for years. The collaboration with Curriculum/Collection will allow students to interrogate critical issues facing the health sciences field today, such as concerns about access to high-quality care and improving equity.

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Lead support for this exhibition is provided by the University of Michigan Office of the Provost, Erica Gervais Pappendick and Ted Pappendick, the Eleanor Noyes Crumpacker Endowment Fund, and P.J. and Julie Solit.

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Explore the infinite value of art in shaping our understanding of...well, everything.

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