Walkthrough The Florilegium Portion of Curriculum / Collection With Us

A series of videos will take you on a deep dive into the works on view as part of the Florilegium course in Curriculum / Collection

Walkthrough The Florilegium Portion of Curriculum / Collection With Us

Videos edited by Olivia Ordoñez

If students don’t start Cathy Barry’s Florilegium course with a love of plants, they definitely finish the semester with one.

This year, they may also finish with a strengthened love for art as their course is integrated with the Curriculum / Collection exhibition at UMMA

For the course and exhibition, Barry worked with Dave Choberka, Curator for University Learning and Programs, to select a group of art from UMMA’s collection that would be used throughout the semester’s teachings. Students visited the installation (in person or virtually) and used the works of art in the exhibition to discuss class concepts and inspire their own works of art.

In a new series of videos, Barry and Choberka provide a deep dive into several of the pieces on view as part of the exhibition. The best part of experiencing Florilegium this way is: There’s no homework! 

Other Recent C/C Stories

We took advantage of our digital age and gathered a panel of Curriculum/Collection instructors and other field experts to discuss the possibilities of combining art practice and creation with emerging machine learning, or “artificial intelligence,” technologies.

Afternoon (Flowers, Girl and Butterfly) is a 1972 woodcut piece by Tadashi Nakayama, and is included in the Florilegium section of Curriculum/Collection. Click through this interactive version to learn more about Tadashi's artistic process, and well as the symbolism of the flowers in his work.

This wood sculpture, Bombardement de Bukavu, by Songa Kaseke was selected for inclusion in the Curriculum/Collection exhibition for Sascha Crasnow’s “Art and Resistance” class.