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Here's a Challenge for You: Try To Stump UMMA

We recently launched a TikTok account for UMMA with a planned series of videos where viewers (like you!) suggest topics that Dave Choberka, Curator for University Learning and Programs, can’t find related art for in the UMMA collection. 

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Take our latest quiz, and challenge yourself to see unusual connections between objects and course topics this semester at the University of Michigan

The assignment is due at the end of the week, at 11:59PM (EST), but you can take all the time in the world.

Students in Professor Matias del Campo’s Space, Time, and Artificial Intelligence class are asking questions about the relationship between artificial intelligence, architecture, and creativity. Can artificial intelligence dream new visions of architecture into being? 

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After sitting in on one of Sascha Crasnow’s zoom lectures, it’s clear that her students are active and engaged with Art and Resistance: Global Responses to Oppression.

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that addresses questions about things like the existence of physical objects, the structure of space or time, the nature of possibility, and more. Can art help us think about these same fundemental questions?

Florilegium explores how art and design intersects with nature and plants, incorporating hands-on fieldwork and material excavation with the artistic process. Listen in as instructor Cathy Barry describes today’s assignment.

In Social Work 560, Dr. Larry Gant teaches prospective social workers about methods for macro-level practice. And bringing art into the picture, as a tool of historical analysis and also community development and activism, can only help students. “The role of art in community organizing is limited only by conventional thinking,” Gant said.

The 112 first-year students in Professor Adam Eickmeyer’s "Perspectives On Health and Healthcare" class are all Health Sciences Scholars Program students. As prospective physicians, social workers, nurses, researchers, administrators, and policymakers, the students meet together with Eickmeyer, and in team-based groups, to interrogate critical issues facing the health professions, such as concerns about access to high-quality care and improving equity across the board. 

In Professor Ivo Dinov’s Data Science and Predictive Analytics class, students are learning how to manage, analyze, and make sense of Big Data in the real world. You’ve probably associated large, complex datasets with healthcare data, scientific information, or all of the information about viewing preferences of Netflix subscribers, but art?

The C/C Team

The Curriculum/Collection team is made up of graduate and undergraduate students and UMMA staff. 

Thank you to our faculty partners for your assistance, and the students in all of our Curriculum/Collection courses who have given of their time and energy to share these stories with you. 

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Architecture 509
Space, Time, and Artificial Intelligence

Applied Liberal Arts 106/109
Perspectives on Health and Health Care

Art and Design 352
Florilegium: Creating a Plant Compendium

Health Sciences 650
Data Science and Predictive Analytics

History of Art 393
Art and Resistance: Global Responses to Oppression

Philosophy 298
Metaphysics: Art and Ontology

Social Work 560
Introduction to Community Organization

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