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Reclaiming Our Campus

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From anti-Latinx writing on The Rock to racist posters in public spaces and residence halls, our campus stands as a microcosm of the racist attacks occurring across the nation. White supremacists have sought to bring hateful rhetoric and ideas to the heart of campus, igniting difficult conversations about speech in our classrooms, on our campus, in our virtual spaces, and within our broader social interactions.

We affirm that white supremacy and racism have no place on our campus. Allowing hate to flourish at U-M contributes to a culture of fear for members of our community. As a campus, we must take action—using our shared knowledge to learn from one another, build coalitions, and hold our institution accountable for building a just and inclusive environment.

Please join us—students, faculty, and staff—for a campus-wide teach-in as we share knowledge, unpack our experiences, and work toward reclaiming our campus. This teach-in will explore how we can mobilize, engage in activism, and discuss the role of white supremacy and speech. We also seek to uplift the voices and experiences of students, providing a space to dialogue openly with faculty, staff, and administrators in an attempt to bridge gaps and break down barriers.

This teach-in is part of a larger series on 2018 Speech and Inclusion: Recognizing Conflict and Building Tools for Engagement.