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Sep 23

See Through: Mirrors and Windows in Twentieth-Century Photography

See Through looks at how photographers of these images doubly frame the world around us —once through the frame of the camera lens and, again, through the frame of a reflective mirror or transparent window. UMMA Docents will reveal which photographers include their own reflections in their photographs, highlighting their active role in the creation of images. A tour will also indicate which photographers look outward, enacting an exchange of public and, sometimes, voyeuristic glances; and which look inward to domestic spaces, framing intimate views and personal moments among families and lovers. Mirrors and windows, like the medium of photography itself, expand the limits of the human eye to perceive the world and, in turn, invite viewers to see through to new visual possibilities.

Lead support for See Through: Windows and Mirrors in Twentieth-Century Photography is provided by the Herbert W. and Susan L. Johe Endowment.