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Oct 11

U-M History of Art Symposium Keynote with Jean-Louis Cohen:  Moscow x Detroit: Transnational Modernity in the Built Environment

Moscow x Detroit: Transnational Modernity in the Built Environment will bring together distinguished historians of art, architecture, urbanism, and social history, to consider a critical moment in twentieth-century history, one that branches outward from the late 1920s to the later industrialization of the US and the USSR, affecting culture and the built environment for decades after. The symposium will focus on infrastructure development, and the impact of built environments (factories, housing, green zones) on cities built to serve industry. Participants, including specialists in both the American and the Soviet situation, will consider the hidden effects of the “second Industrial Revolution” on culture, social organization, and the built environment on two continents.Friday night's keynote at UMMA features Jean-Louis Cohen,
Sheldon H. Solow Professor in the History of Architecture at the NYU Institute of the Arts, who will be discussing his paper: Americanized Bolshevism and its New New Worlds.