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Mar 25

Ann Arbor Film Festival presents “Secession From the Broadcast: Expanded Cinema in the 21st Century” with Gene Youngblood

Upon the 50th anniversary year of his groundbreaking book “Expanded Cinema” author Gene Youngblood will present “Secession From the  Broadcast: Expanded Cinema in the 21st Century” as a part of the 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival. The presentation will begin with a  30-minute documentary about the author made by Bryan Konefsky, titled: “Secession From the Broadcast: Gene Youngblood and the Communications Revolution." Following the film Mr. Youngblood will discuss the meaning of “Secession From the Broadcast” and describe his current publishing project, Tarnished Angel: The Diaries of George Kuchar, co-authored with my wife Jane Youngblood.
Gene Youngblood is an internationally known theorist of media arts and politics, and a scholar of alternative cinemas. His book Expanded Cinema (1970) was seminal in establishing media art and computer art as recognized artistic and scholarly disciplines. The term “expanded cinema” has long been generic, and the book is considered a classic. A 50th Anniversary Edition of Expanded Cinema was published in 2020 by Fordham University Press in New York City. Youngblood is also widely known as a pioneering voice in the media democracy movement in the U.S. He has taught, written and lectured on the political economy of mass media since 1970, more recently under the title Secession From the Broadcast.