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Jul 24
Zoom Event / Virtual Event

Virtual Family Art Studio: Blind Contour: From the Studio to Cafe Sketches

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At its core, drawing is hand-eye coordination. From Pablo Picasso to Georgia O'Keeffe, artists of all stripes practice quick figure drawings to warm up and keep their eyes sharp. Blind-contour, continuous line figure drawing is a warm-up technique that, once learned, is a versatile addition to any artist's repertoire. Blind-contour, figure drawing stresses paying close attention to one's surroundings while also remaining free and loose. Get a beginner's introduction to figure drawing with Literature, Science, and the Arts junior Elizabeth Yoon.


  • 4-6 sheets of 24" x 48" paper (or newspaper or 4 pieces of printer paper taped together)
  • Regular Markers or Sharpies (or if using newspaper, metallic markers)
  • A large sketching board, easel, flat table, or other flat surface

Family Art Studio is generously supported by the University of Michigan Credit Union Arts Adventures Program, UMMA's Lead Sponsor for Student and Family Engagement.