All events are free and take place at UMMA unless otherwise noted.

Black Homecoming Gala

The annual Black Homecoming Gala at the University of Michigan is a cultural event that unites students of African descent within the campus community. Hosted by Sister 2 Sister (S2s) and Here Earning a Destiny Through Honesty, Eagerness, and Determination of Self (H.E.A.D.S.) and in partnership with the UMMA, this event celebrates the achievements and diversity of our black student body. Every year, Michigan students, faculty, staff, and alumni gather to honor each other’s accomplishments, show their school spirit, and appreciate one another in a festive and formal environment that allows students to embody their creativity and style through fashion. The event serves a valuable role in creating meaningful and life-long connections between past, present, and future classes of University of Michigan students. Find more info @heads_um and @s2s_um on Instagram! 

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