Andrea Carlson Future Cache

Andrea Carlson

Future Cache

A commission for UMMA’s Vertical Gallery

Curator: Jennifer Friess, Associate Curator of Photography
On View: June 11, 2022 through June 2024

Andrea Carlson, Sky in the Morning Hours of "Binaakwiiwi-giizis 15, 1900", 2022, gouache on paper. Courtesy of the artist © Andrea Carlson

You are on Anishinaabe land

In Andrea Carlson Future Cache, a 40-foot-tall memorial wall towers over visitors, commemorating the Cheboiganing (Burt Lake) Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians who were violently burned from their land in Northern Michigan on October 15, 1900. Written across the walls above and around the memorial, a statement proclaims Anishinaabe rights to the land we stand on: “You are on Anishinaabe Land.”  

Presented alongside are paintings of imagined decolonized landscapes and a symbolic cache of provisions. Future Cache implicitly asks those who have benefited from the legacies of colonization to consider where they stand and where to go from here and seeks to foster a sense of belonging for displaced Indigenous peoples fighting for restitution.


Photos by Jeri Hollister and Patrick Young, Michigan Imaging

On View

Select artworks on view for this exhibition

Debwewin Asanjigowin
Truth Cache

A collection of conversations around Anishinaabe powwow practice.
The sound of the drum is the truest sound. Hear our truths.
Video interviews conducted by UMMA's Student Program Coordinator for Andrea Carlson Future Cache Yrsa Anwatin Peterson



Special thanks to the Cheboiganing (Burt Lake) Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, Margaret Noodin, and Richard A. Wiles, for their consultation on the State Historical Marker text; to Margaret Noodin and Michael Zimmerman, Jr. for translating the gallery texts into Anishinaabemowin; to James Horton and Fritz Swanson for generously producing the letterpress broadsides; to colleagues at the U-M Biological Station, U-M Museum of Anthropological Archaeology, U-M Clements Library, and U-M Clark Map Library.  For more information on the Cheboiganing (Burt Lake) Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians visit

Lead support for Future Cache is provided by Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch, Erica Gervais Pappendick and Ted Pappendick, and the U-M Office of the Provost.

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