Advisory Committees

UMMA National Leadership Council

The UMMA National Leadership Council is a volunteer network created and supported by UMMA to provide strategic guidance on issues of advocacy and fundraising for the Museum. UMMA National Leadership Council members are knowledgeable about Museum activities and assist in the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of potential donors to UMMA. Additionally, council members provide guidance on their particular community’s social and business culture and on effective ways to engage with Michigan alumni and parents and with other arts patrons.

Joseph Allen
Palm Beach, FL

Peter Benedek
Los Angeles, CA

Nancy Dolinko Berkowitz
New York, NY

Susan C. Brown
Kalamazoo, MI

Julia Donovan Darlow
Ann Arbor, MI

Barbara Feldman
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Catherine Forbes
Franklin, MI

Maxine Frankel, Co-Chair
Bloomfield Hills, MI

Scott Hodes
Miami, FL

Paola Luptak
Boca Raton, FL

Prudence Rosenthal
Ann Arbor, MI

Jack Rounick
Norristown, PA

Susan Sosnick
Birmingham, MI

Irving Stenn, Jr., Co-Chair
Chicago, IL

Latricia A. Turner-McConnell
Atherton, CA

UMMA Executive Committee

Christina Olsen
Director, Museum of Art

Celeste A. Brusati
Professor of History of Art,
Women's Studies, and Art

David Y. Chung
Professor of Art and Design

James A. Cogswell, Jr.
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Professor of Art

Aaron Dworkin
Paul Boylan Collegiate Professor of Music and Dean
School of Music Theatre & Dance

Kenneth C. Fischer
University Musical Society

Nojin Kwak
Director, Nam Center for Korean Studies

Gunalan Nadarajan
Dean and Professor of Art and Design

Alexander D. Potts
Max Loehr Collegiate Professor
of the History of Art

Robert Fishman
Interim Dean and Professor of Architecture, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture + Urban Planning

Elizabeth Sears
George H. Forsyth Junior Collegiate Professor of History of Art & Chair, Department of History of Art

Carla M. Sinopoli
Director, Museum Studies Program
Professor of Anthropology

Sidonie Smith
Mary Fair Croushore Professor 
Director, Institute for the Humanities

Peter D. Sparling
Arthur F. Thurnau Professor and Professor of Dance

UMMA Director's Acquisition Committee

The UMMA Director's Acquisition Committee was established in 2014 to energize the ongoing priority of art acquisitions with recommendations and financial support for UMMA's acquisitions. During meetings, twice a year, Director's Acquisition Committee members hear from UMMA curators on desired acquisitions for which the Committee will then make recommendations. Members learn about recently gifted works of art, upcoming exhibitions, and acquisitions, and they develop a more in-depth knowledge of the collections through conversation with the Director and curators.

Lisa Applebaum, Chair
New York, NY

William Heidrich
Peoria, IL

Susan Meyer
San Francisco, CA

Lauren Prager
Ann Arbor, MI

Brad Reiss
New York, NY

Kammi Reiss
New York, NY

Jenny Flexner Reinhardt
Summit, NJ

Nicole Schloss
New York, NY

Cathy Sosnick Schwartz
Birmingham, MI

Julie Berman Solit
New York, NY

PJ Solit
New York, NY

William Susman
New York, NY

UMMA Student Engagement Council (2015-2016)

Haya Alfarhan

Karen Bates
History/ Museum Studies

Rachel Bissonnette
History of Art

Victoria Bornstein
Art & Design/Communication Studies

Cameron Bothner

Samantha Breecher
Classical Languages and Literature

Sydney Cavanagh
Art & Design / History of Art / Museum Studies / Creative Writing

Tori Cox
History of Art / Museum Studies

Katie Fleckenstein
History of Art / Art & Design

Janavi Goldblum
History of Art / Food in the Environment

Amie Gook

Sarah Harthun
French / International Studies / History of Art

Lexi Harounian
History of Art/Museum Studies

Halle Jarvi
History of Art / Museum Studies

Soon Ju Kim
Art & Design / Statistics

Rebecca Levin
English / Linguistics

Austyn Marks
History / Political Science

Kelsey Messina
History of Art / Museum Studies

Colleen Murphy
History of Art / Museum Studies

Kirsten Neal
History / Museum Studies

Jillian Neill
History of Art / Museum Studies

Tree Park
History of Art/ International Studies

Amanda Peters
History of Art / History

Jean Rafaelian
Cognitive Science / History of Art

Michelle Rusinek
Art & Design/ History of Art

Ellen Seidell
Art & Design / History of Art

Anne Sherfield
Classical Archaeology

David Streicher
History of Art / Museum Studies

Jiin Suh
Art & Design

Becca Weisz
Art & Design

Lingyan Margaret Xu
East Asian Studies

Jennifer Yang
Business / Chinese / Art & Design

Lu Zhang
Business/ Statistics

Mo Zhang
History of Art