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Request Study Case

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Higher education instructors may request to have selections from UMMA’s collection displayed for their classes in the Study Cases. Depending on the availability of cabinet space at any given time, instructors may request to have between nine and 15 works displayed for up to two weeks. The works requested must be portable and able to fit in the available space (see size limits below). Some works may not be available due to their size, condition, or unavailability due to exhibition or loan.

The Study Cases are located on the lower level of the Frankel Family Wing of the museum near the Stern Auditorium and are accessible 8:00am to 8:00pm daily. During the Spring/Summer term the building is open until 6:00pm. 

Click below to begin the reservation request process. Reservations should be submitted 15 business days prior to your desired viewable date range. We will respond to your request within two business days. Reservation requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Submitting a reservation request does not guarantee that the time frame you request to have artwork on display will be available, but we will reschedule installations at the earliest possible date that works for the instructor/researcher.

Size restrictions:
Three-dimensional objects: 36” tall x 28” wide x 10” deep / 50 lbs.
Two-dimensional works on paper: 36” tall x 28” wide

Click on the link below to begin the reservation request process.