Student Engagement Council

UMMA's Student Engagement Council (SEC) is an excellent opportunity to gain hands-on experience within a museum setting and give U-M’s student body a voice at UMMA.

SEC is a group of students with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences whose goal is to expand what UMMA can be for the student body. SEC is dedicated to create a culturally inclusive community through programmatic efforts, and amplifying student voices to shape the museum.

UMMA is recruiting SEC Leadership Board members for the 2019–20 academic year.

Opportunities for the SEC Leadership Board include:
  • Developing creative, diverse, and inclusive programs which engage students with UMMA’s exhibitions and collections
  • Interviewing artists and curators
  • Creative oversight and contributions on UMMA’s student blog, The Annex
  • Organizing installation and online exhibitions
  • Contributing to UMMA’s social media (@ummamuseum) and campus presence
  • and more!

Applications are now open to current undergraduate and graduate students. The application deadline is February 22, 2019Apply here.

QUESTIONS? Email briannon@umich.edu