Virtual Study Days - Spring 2020

Online resources created and curated by Michigan students to keep your mind active and your body relaxed during final exams.


Monday, April 20 - Sunday, April 26


Virtual Art Studio: Nature Palette

From Emily Considine — This project follows multicultural traditions of using plant matter as a medium for art making. Participants will use collected plant matter (leaves, grass, flowers, weeds) from around their homes or neighborhoods to form patterns and images on paper. These will be glued down, covered in a paper towel or newspaper, and then pressed to dry.

Virtual Art Studio - Nature Palette

Follow along during an interactive art-making session using collected plant matter (leaves, grass, flowers, weeds) from around your home or neighborhoods to form patterns and images on paper.


How I am writing a thesis from bed...

From Sarah Jacob — Confined to my bedroom, my productivity has been tested like never before. Under normal conditions I would be doing most school work in this space. However, being forced to stay put makes it entirely different. Here is what I discovered about the beauty of quarantine for my thesis and my written voice generally. Working on my thesis forces me to reflect on my opinions, ideas, and critiques. I am able to draw on my own creativity because I have to imagine the world not as it is now

Mel Bochner, "Blah, Blah, Blah," 2011, monoprint with collage, engraving and embossment on hand-dyed Twinrocker handmade paper, University of Michigan Museum of Art and Promised Gift of Irving Stenn, Jr., 2013/1.286

Finding Your Voice While Writing At Home

Having a clear and compelling voice that is unique to your writing is a true gift. We all possess the ability to write in this way and create work that is uniquely our own.

Dialogue Writing Challenge

Using images from UMMA's portrait collection, write captivating dialogue between two different characters. Escape your world for a bit while creating another. 

Dialogue Writing Challenge

Select characters from two portraits in UMMA’s collection. Create a conversation between them.

Are they family members? Friends? Enemies? What could they have in common? What might they fight about? What do they wonder? Create a shared world between these two seemingly different characters.


Color Me UMMA

From Michelle Knappe - Coloring is a great way to reduce stress and calm the mind and body. I've developed coloring pages from scenes across UMMA to help you relax during study breaks. 

Color Page: Witness Lab

Download and color a scene from UMMA's Winter 2020 Exhibition Season featuring Witness Lab. 

Color Page: Orion

Download and color a scene from UMMA — our iconic Orion sculpture from Mark di Suvero. 

Color Page: Reflections

Download and color a scene from UMMA's collection and 2020 exhibition Reflections: An Ordinary Day.

Questions With No Wrong Answers

We've developed the perfect kind of quiz: the questions are fun, there are no wrong answers, and the end result is cool art!

Find the Perfect UMMA Art Collection for Your Mood

Answer some very scientific questions, and we'll show you an UMMA art collection you're guaranteed to love!

Which UMMA Location Are You?

We all miss UMMA; so why not take our quiz to find out which much-loved location in the Museum fits best with your personality?

Notes On The Organization of Paradise

From Sophia Layton - Please follow along during this short meditation practice to help center your mind

Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, "Notes on the Organisation of Paradise," 1970, screenprint on paper, Gift of Professor Diane M Kirkpatrick, 2000/2.14.33

5-Minute Meditation


Imagine a Place You Want to be...
The Colors, Sounds, and Smells.
Stay here as long as you like.

UMMA Sculptures + Yoga

An at-home relaxation workout. Learn about the sculptures on view outside of UMMA and practice a yoga pose inspired the sculpture in some way. 

Helping You Put Your Best Foot Forward

From Jessica Rosenfield - You may have taken a few online exams already in your time at Michigan, but that doesn't mean you consider yourself a pro. The fact is, preparing for and doing well on online exams is different than preparing for an inperson final. These tips will help you get the most out of your study sessions and prepare you for exam day.

Online Exam Tips

Study tips, spotify playlists, and other resources to help you get the most out of your study sessions and prepare you for exam day. 

Music: The Good, And The Good

From Jacob Ward - Despite online finals season approaching, I’ve been finding it extremely hard to focus on my studies. This has given me a LOT of stress from the need to catch up, as well as the added anxieties from the present times. Through all of this, one thing has prevailed, and that is music. As a music major, while I haven’t been practicing every single day, I’ve (at the least) still been listening to music. Whether you’re a consumer or producer, we can’t deny this crucial aspect of our everyday lives.

Nakayama Tadashi, "Gita O Hiku Shojo (Girl Playing the Guitar)", 1978, color woodblock print on paper, Gift of Sheila and Ronnie Cresswell, 2011/2.41

Essay: Every Sound Is Music

Ponderings on the healing qualities of the music that's all around us.

Onchi Kôshirô, "Impression of a Violinist (Portrait of Suwa Nejiko)", 1946, color woodblock print on paper, Gift of John K. and Patricia F. Lark and Family and Leonard A. Lark, in Memory of Elizabeth Lark Nagle, 1997/2.14

Spotify Playlist: Classical Music

With this classical music playlist playing through your headphones, the outside world will float away and you'll focus on nothing but the work in front of you. (In theory). 

Virtual Study Days 2020 is created and curated by students in the UMMA Student Engagement Council and generously supported by the University of Michigan Credit Union Arts Adventures Program, UMMA's lead sponsor for Student and Family Engagment.

Special thanks to

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  • Kaeli Brennan
  • Emily Considine
  • Sarah Jacob
  • Michelle Knappe
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  • Madeline Pierpont
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