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22 Unique Study Spaces.
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Study in style and reserve one of 22 available seats at UMMA — an ideal location for a relaxed study session. Surround yourself with inspiration while you study in UMMA’s historic Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch Apse.  

Each physically distanced study space has comfortable leather seating, is equipped with a power outlet, and is paired with unique art-related activities for when you need a mental break.



5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.


9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.


5:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Closed Thursday and Sunday
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Your M-Card will be checked and scanned when you arrive for your reservation.

Questions You Might Have

Each space is physically distanced from any other and spaced throughout the Apse in accordance with University guidelines and public health regulations. Masks are required at all times by all visitors. Study Spaces are sanitized throughout the day and contact tracing has been in place for all UMMA visitors for several weeks. We take your health and safety seriously, but as with all public spaces during a pandemic, the risk is never zero. 

It is recommended that you sanitize the space upon arrival, using available spray and wipes. UMMA staff will sanitize study spaces throughout the day, but it’s best practice for you to wipe it down when you arrive. 

Yes. Face coverings are required at all times inside the Museum including while you are seated at your study space. You may quickly remove your mask while eating or drinking, but it must return to covering your face in between bites and sips. 

You are reserving a specific spot for a specific time. Your seat will be available when you arrive. If not, you can work with the UMMA staff on-site to ensure you have access to a study space. 

You can reserve the spot for as long as it is available. You’re welcome to stay for the duration of your reservation time. We ask that you leave when your reservation is over to make room for the next student.

Yes. While you are seated you are welcome to have food and drink. You may quickly remove your mask to enjoy your food and beverage, but it must return to covering your face in between bites and sips. 

You bet! Each space is equipped with its own, dedicated power supply.

No. Unfortunately, these study spaces are single occupancy only. You and a friend can reserve study spaces near each other, but you’ll need to each remain in your space for the duration of your reservation. Meaning, sadly, you won’t be able to hang out. 

No. The Museum’s galleries are closed during UMMA Study Hours. Gallery access is by appointment only during the week. More information can be found here

Hmm. Interesting question. We’ve been really into Prime Number Theory lately. Maybe give that a shot?

Break Time

Each study space at UMMA is paired with two unique mental break activities related to your location in the Museum and nearby works of art. If you’ve reserved a study space and are ready for a break, follow the instructions at your table to access the activities.

(You can also click here if you’re curious about it, but don’t spoil it for yourself.)

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Student programming at UMMA is generously supported by the University of Michigan Credit Union Arts Adventures Program, UMMA's Lead Sponsor for Student and Family Engagement.