UMMA Leadership Board

The UMMA Leadership Board (ULB) is a volunteer advisory board created and supported by UMMA to provide strategic guidance on issues of advocacy and fundraising for the Museum. ULB members assist in the identification, cultivation, and solicitation of potential donors to UMMA. Additionally, board members are asked to provide guidance on their particular community’s social and business culture and on effective ways to engage with Michigan alumni and parents, other arts patrons, foundations, artists, and others who may help advance the mission of the Museum.

Membership may include University of Michigan alumni and non-alumni, arts patrons and experts, artists, chairs of other Museum committees, and others who have demonstrated a commitment to UMMA and its mission. Members serve a renewable term of three years.


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None of the important work UMMA does would be possible without the support of incredibly dedicated members and donors such as you. UMMA is able to change lives and re-imagine what a campus art museum can mean for its community because of the generous support from people around the world–people like you.

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