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Thu, Apr 18, 2024 6:00pm–7:30pm

Interfaith Understanding through Visual Art

Photo by Neil Kagerer
Thu, Apr 18, 2024
Eleanor Noyes Crumpacker Gallery

Many artworks draw from and comment upon religious traditions and religious identities, while also connecting us to a more complex, and broader, understanding of our shared humanity. Join U-M’s Christine Modey, members of the Interfaith Round Table of Washtenaw County, and U-M junior Joelle Szumski, to explore how our diverse religious/spiritual identities and the various ways we orient around religion can lead to fruitful dialogue about art and deeper understanding of each other and the role of religion in our culture.

Christine Modey directs the Michigan Community Scholars Program at the University of Michigan and teaches the Applied Liberal Arts course Speaking of (Inter)faith.  She is the co-editor with David Schoem and Edward St. John of Teaching the Whole Student: Engaged Learning with Heart, Mind, and Spirit.

The Interfaith Round Table of Washtenaw County is a spiritually based alliance of people from across the spectrum of faith who come together to address our commonalities and explore issues that have the potential to be divisive. 


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