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Artwork Details

25 CE-220 CE
earthenware with lead glaze
17 9/16 in x 14 1/16 in x 14 1/16 in (44.6 cm x 35.7 cm x 35.7 cm)
Gift of Domino's Pizza, Inc.

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Subject Matter:

This red earthenware hu (壺) jar for storing "wine" or millet ale mimicks the shape and green glaze of bronze forms. The two animal masks (taotie, 饕餮) hold rings that serve as decorative handles, reflecting contemporary bronze doorknockers. These types of jars were made in abundance as funerary storage vessels to supply for the afterlife and have been found in the tombs of both middle and elite classes of Han citizens. 

Physical Description:

This tall, red earthenware jar with bulbous body has a tall, curved, flaring neck with flaring, articulated, dish-shaped rim, and a tall, straight foot ring on small tripod feet. Appliqué bowstring bands wind around the body and rim, and combed wavy line decoration wrap around the body and neck. Two animal mask decorations in low relief hold rings on opposing sides of the belly. The vessel is covered in a green lead glaze with iridescence and calcification.

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