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Oil Bottle with Chrysanthemum Design


Artwork Details

Oil Bottle with Chrysanthemum Design
12th century
stoneware with inlaid and painted decoration under celadon glaze
1 15/16 x 3 3/16 x 3 3/16 in. (4.8 x 8 x 8 cm)
Gift of Bruce and Inta Hasenkamp and Museum purchase made possible by Elder and Mrs. Sang-Yong Nam


March 28, 2009
This small cosmetic oil bottle, with a body in the form of a Korean baduk (gaming piece), has a short neck and a cupped mouth. It once formed part of a toiletry set that included several small celadon cosmetic boxes with flat lids, which were often accompanied by items like silver needle cases, bronze mirrors, and hairpins. They nested into a larger round box or rectangular casket and became part of an upper-class woman’s personal possessions that were buried with her.
(Label for UMMA Korean Gallery Opening Rotation, March 2009)

Subject Matter:

Cosmetic oil bottle with floral sprays.

Physical Description:

Stoneware oil bottle with cup-shaped mouth and body in the shape of a Go gaming piece, or Baduk. The body is decorated with painted floral sprays and covered by celadon glaze.

The bottle is embellished with chrysanthemums with pâte-sur-pâte decorative technique and with the leaves in iron- brown. There are three refractory spur marks on the low foot. It has a dark ground color that appears like deep gray. Glaze on the body is oxidized, producing areas of yellow- brown color. The rim of the mouth shows traces of repair.
[Korean Collection, University of Michigan Museum of Art (2014) p.131]

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