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Seated figure with tripartite crown


Artwork Details

Seated figure with tripartite crown
10th century
4 3/4 in. x 2 3/4 in. x 2 3/8 in. ( 12 cm x 7 cm x 6 cm )
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Subject Matter:

Similar figurines have been found at the excavations at Wasit, published by F. Safar. They were discovered in the Ilkhanid levels of Sounding No. 5; the clay is fine-grained, buff or slightly pink. 

The figurines represent various personanages: musicians, dancers, etc. The entire hoard seems to have belonged to a toy-shop and were probably banat, used in some game, the theme of which was the banquet.

Physical Description:

The moulded head of the terracotta figurine represents a royal personnage. He wears a three-lobed crown, spherical earrings, and a necklace. He is seated with his legs bent from the hips at right angles to the upper part of the body. The legs are crossed and thus form a circular base which allows the essentially two-dimensional figure to remain erect. The assembling of the limbs was apparently done after the figurine had been cast.

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