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July 19, 2022

A call to bravery: in new op-ed UMMA Director outlines five lessons for more courageous museums

Photo by Mark Gjukich

In a new op-ed published this week by ArtNet News, UMMA Director Christina Olsen makes the case that art museums across the country need to be braver if they truly wish to serve and be relevant to their visitors and communities.

Campus museums, Olsen argues, have exemplified this needed courage in recent years. In the piece, she calls more broadly for museums to take lessons from those examples and reinvent what it means to be an art museum in today’s world.

Olsen outlines five methods campus museums have used to reassert their relevance to the public and reinvigorate meaningful connections to their communities. You can read the five lessons, and learn about examples from each on ArtNet News.

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