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Bowl with Bird and Flower Designs


Artwork Details

Bowl with Bird and Flower Designs
14th century
earthenware with glaze
3 15/16 in. x 8 7/16 in. x 8 7/16 in. ( 10 cm x 21.4 cm x 21.4 cm )
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Subject Matter:

See physical description. 

Physical Description:

"Object EFS-105 is a 14th century Mongolian-influenced Sultanabad work. The body of the object is a pinkish-tan while the outside is covered with painted blue tinge. The central motif is a spotted lion [leopard]. Stylized birds circle the inside of the object against a naturalistically conceived floral area. The object has been re-pieced extensively. 

This object bears the characteristic hemispherical shape of Sultanabad work, and its rendering of the birds and floral motif indicate the Chinese influence of the 14th century. The animal and birds are outlined in black. It follows the general color scheme and motifs of the Sultanabad wares of the 14th century. 

The object is 4 inches high and has a diameter of 8 inches. The lion [leopard] is rendered with the Iranian sensitivity and perceptiveness. This object was probably highlighted with white slip."

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