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Calligraphy of Du Fu’s Poetry in Cursive Script

Wang Duo

Artwork Details

Calligraphy of Du Fu’s Poetry in Cursive Script
Wang Duo
Handscroll, ink on satin with silk
12 in. x 27 ft. 6 11/16 in. (30.48 x 839.95 cm);10 in. x 10 ft. (25.4 x 304.8 cm);10 in. x 25 ft. 10 in. (25.4 x 787.4 cm);12 x 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 in. (30.48 x 6.99 x 6.99 cm)
Gift of Jiu-Fong Lo Chang and Kuei-sheng Chang


Wang Duo, a prominent Ming dynasty calligrapher, was known for his versatility. This handscroll exudes a sense of vitality and spontaneity, characterized by bold, powerful brushstrokes and a dynamic rhythm. In 1641, the Ming dynasty was on the brink of collapse upon countrywide uprisings. Wang Duo’s mother passed away, so Wang went back to his hometown in Huaiqing in Henan, to attend to the family. The scroll transcribed Du Fu’s poems and was dedicated to a close friend named Wang Han王漢 (d. 1643). Wang Han was at the time on official post in Henan Province. He made dedicated efforts to curb violent uprisings in the region. Wang Duo’s calligraphy compels viewers not only with the technical virtuosity of his strokes but also in his ability to infuse emotion and personality into each character.

Physical Description:

Hand scroll with calligraphy in black ink on brown background with a cream and green-blue silk border. The exterior of the scroll is grey and black intersecting lines.

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