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Footed Bowl with openwork floral scroll design


Artwork Details

Footed Bowl with openwork floral scroll design
late 12th century - early 13th century
fritware with cobalt-tinged rim
4 in. x 7 3/4 in. x 7 3/4 in. ( 10.16 cm x 19.69 cm x 19.69 cm )
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Subject Matter:

"The documentation of the relationship of pierced metal vessels and pierced ceramic ones would involve using many references not connected with the Ann Arbor bowl, but among the ceramic examples a substantial number appear to be from Kashan which suggests that the imitation of mental vessels was one of the sources of inspiration for this group of potters." -PPS

Physical Description:

"This bowl on a high flaring foot probably was made in Kashan during the early years of the 13th century. Aside from a few touches of blue at the rim, the decoration consists of an undulating arabesque scroll which has been incised into the wall of the vessel just below the rim. The contours of the leaf forms were further defined by punching small holes in the vessel's walls which were subsequently filled by the transparent glaze. The connection of this group to Kashan is suggested by a bowl now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in which the interior of the vessel has blue and black underglaze painting in a style well known from other Kashan wares." -PPS

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