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Artwork Details

mid- to late-20th century
59 ½ in x 49 in (151.13 cm x 124.46 cm)
Gift of Mrs. Kazuko Miyake


Subject Matter:

Komon kimonos are a type of kimono that contains repeating patterns throughout the fabric.

Tsumugi is a type of soft fabric woven from raw silk, often worn for casual occasions.  The typical tsumugi types include Ooshima, Yuki, Shinozawa, Ueda, named after its area of production.

Ooshima tsumugi silk textiles are made from a labor-intensive process involving two stages of weaving and over 100 rounds of dyeing. Despite its high production value, it is only worn for non-ceremonial occasion since the process is considered to be less elite than the paint-dyed technique.

Physical Description:

black Ooshima Tsumugi komon kimono interwoven light blue hollyhock and geometric floral motifs with a red inner lining

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