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Meet the People of UMMA

This is UMMA — a passionate group of individuals who believe that art is a fundamental human right. We are a collective and a culture. A collective driven by the importance of accessible art in our communities. A culture sustained and strengthened by respecting everyone’s voice and contribution.


You can usually find me... in storage, exclaiming over new acquisitions!

Christina Olsen

Director, University of Michigan Museum of Art
a woman poses for a portrait
When not at UMMA I love going for long walks with my husband and our dogs, connecting with my family, reading, baking and enjoying a great meal with good friends!

Sandy Fike

Executive Assistant to the Director
Outside of UMMA... I like playing with my kids, working on home renovation and design projects, and going to the farmer's market on Saturdays.

Alisunn Jones

Manager of Special Projects & Strategic Implementation

& Registration

My fondest memory from working at the museum is the Student Appreciation event. It really helped me come closer to my co-workers and establish a deeper connection to the workplace community.


Student Art Handler
You can usually find me... in collection storage admiring my favorite pieces of art.

Corey Gross

Chief Registrar

Qian He

Asian Art Conservator


Student Art Handler
My fondest memory at UMMA is... unpacking and cataloguing my favorite artwork in the collection, 'Journey Without Maps VIII' by David Budd.

Katie Prichard

Associate Registrar
You can usually find me... cataloging the collection and updating the database.

Katie Stadtmiller

Registration Associate


Jenny Carty

Curator of Art in Public Spaces
You can usually find me... needlepointing during meetings

Laura De Becker

Chief Curator Helmut and Candis Stern Curator of African Art
You can usually find me... debating between a small and large coffee at the UMMA Cafe.

Jennifer M. Friess

Associate Director of Curatorial Affairs Associate Curator of Photography
You can usually find me in the Curatorial Research Center with a cold brew in hand (carefully sealed, of course).


Curatorial Student Intern
When I'm not working on museum projects, I enjoy working out and volunteering around Ann Arbor. I am also a Ph.D. student in the History of Art department and one of my favorite things to do is to take my students to visit UMMA.


Curatorial Student Intern
Outside of UMMA... I like to run around the playground with my son and seek out any bit of nature I can find.

Ashley Miller

Assistant Curator of African Art
You can usually find me... looking at an art work in study rooms or galleries.

Natsu Oyobe, PhD

Curator of Asian Art
My fondest memory at UMMA is...the fall 2023 opening weekend - it was amazing to see the museum buzzing with excitement, and for all of the hard work and ideas to come to fruition!

Emily Rindahl

Administrative Assistant to the Artistic Program
Outside of UMMA, I like to dance! I am a ballerina.


Curatorial Student Intern
The art movement that best matches my personal vibe is 1970s New York — raw, conceptual, spiritual; great jeans and taste in music.

Robin K. Williams

Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art


Outside of UMMA... I love going on adventures with my family, traveling, enjoying Michigan summers, reading, making pottery, and exploring other museums.

Meaghan Clark

Assistant Director of Development, Annual Giving & Events
My fondest memory at UMMA...was being a part of all the reopening festivities when the Frankel wing was completed. It was amazing to see all the excitement as visitors experienced it for the first time.

Jenna Morgan

Stewardship Manager
You can usually find me... grabbing an iced latte at the UMMA Café!

Sydney Richards

Associate Director of Development, Individual Giving
You can usually find me... talking with curators about their ideas for new exhibitions.

Anna Sampson

Director of Development, Institutional Giving & Campaign Strategy

Liz Seger

Chief Development Officer

& Publications


Matt Casadonte

Senior Exhibitions Technician
You can usually find me... poring over spreadsheets and, on the best days, seeing an exhibition or a project get installed. In my free time at the museum I love to wander the galleries – you can always find you haven't noticed before..

Andrew Cohen

Exhibitions & Programs Project Manager
"We cannot direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails." -Dolly Parton

Katie Derosier

Director of Exhibitions & Publications
You can usually find me... helping prepare artwork for display in the museum's collections rooms and doing a variety of tasks to prep for upcoming exhibitions.

Alexandra Eason

Assistant Exhibitions Technician
You can usually find me... installing art in the galleries.

Kate Holoka

Senior Exhibitions Technician
You can usually find me... deep in thought playing around with ideas for engaging exhibition graphics.

Savanna Hudson

Exhibitions Graphic Designer
You can usually find me... popping into curators' offices to check on exhibition progress.

Erika Larson

Senior Manager, Exhibitions & Publications

& Operations

Outside of UMMA... I like to read, write, watch movies, & listen to/play music! And maybe a little splash of video games...

Ethan Farrelly

Financial Specialist
My fondest memory at UMMA is... just before reopening the building after construction I went out the back door of the elevator into the galleries and saw the Aspara Warrior. It took my breath away.

Terri L. Gable

Associate Director of Finance & Administration
Outside of UMMA, I play rugby! I am currently on the UM Women's team and we have won two national championships.


Student Event Host
Outside of UMMA... I like to spend time with my family and pets, host book club, and go on silly friend dates.

Jenna Morehead

Event and Facilities Manager
You can usually find... me in the shop, merchandising and working with my wonderful staff of Shop Sales Reps and Visitor's Services Navigators.

Hayden Nickel

Retail Operations Assistant Manager
The art piece that best matches my vibe is... Caravaggio's Judith & Holofernes, it's a story of a woman who was underestimated. The artist was also underestimated.

Patricia Scott

Director of Finance & Administration
You can usually find me... unboxing new product arrivals in the UMMA Shop!

Neil A. Van Houten

Retail Operations Manager
Fictional characters that might best represent me are both Dipper and Mabel Pines from 'Gravity Falls'. Dipper, like me, is curious, loves learning, and can be very type-A. Like Mabel, I love sweaters and can be more relaxed and fun around people I feel close to.


Student Event Host

& Public Relations


Christopher Ankney

Director of Marketing and Public Relations
If I was a dessert, I would like to be a Madeleine, their recipe is timeless and true - plus they look so cool!

Kate Bickel

Marketing Project Assistant


Student Content Creator
What is your most niche personal interest: I've been collecting basketball sneakers for eight years -- at this point, my closet looks like the backrooms at Footlocker!


Marketing Student Intern
You can usually find me...walking around the museum talking with guests, getting inspiration, or taking photo and video for social media... follow us @ummamuseum :)

Neil Kagerer

Community Marketing & Social Media Specialist
Outside of UMMA I like... being out on a hike taking pictures of every single flower, mushroom, or bug I see.

Molly Trudeau

Web Content Specialist


You can usually find me... in the basement working on bug fixes.

Shayla Johnson

Web Applications Developer
You can usually find me... quietly helping other staff so they can make a positive impact on our visitors.

John Turner

Director of Museum Technology

Public Experience
& Learning


Lisa Herbert Borgsdorf

Associate Director for Public Experience & Learning
You can usually find me... talking about art.

David Choberka

Mellon Foundation Curator for University Learning and Programs
You can usually find me... hanging out with UMMA's Student Advisory Board members, devising awesome student programming, introducing them to the wonderful world of museum work, and being a hype-woman for their creative social media endeavors.

Briannon Cierpilowski

Manager of Student Programs


Student Program Coordinator
You can usually find me talking about art with University of Michigan classes that are visiting the museum.

Tyler Dunston

Public Engagement and University Learning Intern
You can usually find me... laughing somewhere in the galleries

Isabel Engel

University Learning and Programs Specialist

Felix Zamora Gomez

Irving Stenn, Jr. Fellow in Public Humanities & Museum Pedagogy


You're Welcome Student Gallery Guide


You're Welcome Student Gallery Guide
You can usually find me leading learning engagements for different university classes or doing collections research on UMMA's medieval and early modern objects (lots of looking at art, object files, old books, and googling!)

Julia LaPlaca

Irving Stenn Jr. Fellow in Public Humanities and Museum Pedagogy

Kafi Laramore

K-12 Teaching & Learning Coordinator
You can usually find me... with the PEL team strategizing about upcoming events and other activities in the museum.

James P. Leija

Deputy Director for Public Experience and Learning


Student Program Assistant & Navigator
2024 SAB Member
Annie is a Junior studying Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience with a minor in Gender and Health. She is an avid lover of the arts from music to theater, to film.


Student Program Assistant & Navigator
2024 SAB Member


You're Welcome Student Gallery Guide
You can usually find me... in the galleries with a group of young students and teachers.

Grace VanderVliet

Curator for Museum Teaching and Learning